4 Top Exam Stress Tips

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Dawn Cretney, director of Bury based Enterprising Youth, is an experienced youth worker with first-hand understanding of the effects of stress, having experienced anxiety and panic attacks herself from a young age. She has spent over two decades researching and testing techniques, has undertaken specialist training in those she found most effective, and now provides education and training to young people, teachers and parents.

“Understanding how stress affects us, mind and body, is a key starting point, from where we can quickly and easily learn many different techniques to manage our stress effectively. Making simple changes to our diet and physical activity can also have significant benefit.”

With exams starting in a matter of weeks, Dawn’s top tips to try include:

Increasing water consumption. Staying hydrated improves concentration and performance. Drinking caffeine, sugary juice, milk or fizzy drinks, does not have the same hydrating effect as water.”

Exercise and sleep. People who are stressed often struggle to sleep. During exercise, not only does the body use up stress hormones, it also releases endorphins – ‘feel good’ hormones. This chemical change is completely natural and incredibly powerful. Exercise helps to naturally prepare the body for sleep.

Try guided meditation or breathing meditation – or both! Guided meditations are easy to follow and there are so many that everyone can find one to suit. They vary in length, from 6-30 minutes, and can be downloaded and listened to anytime.

Epsom salt baths. A magnesium deficiency can increase feelings of anxiety but a bath containing Epsom Salts is a quick fix as it is absorbed by the skin as you relax and unwind. "

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