Counselling for every young person?...I don't think so

Nobody should have to wait for help. We need more support for children & young people - full stop.

The only issue I have with the current campaign and the ideology of counselling for all is that it's limiting. I was someone for whom (when I got support) counselling & CBT didn't work. I often work now with young people for whom counselling & CBT doesn't work, often they have attended CAMHS and been signed off but are still struggling, or do not meet thresholds to even get seen.

Equally I know of some school counsellors who have seen their clients for a whole academic year or more, without significant improvement. What’s tragic about this situation is that the counsellors have been prevented from seeing other pupils who may have benefited during this time.

Counselling is not for everyone. But alas when it comes to support many teachers and parents are not aware of what is available and what might help. When counselling / CBT fails to bring results many teachers and parents are at an even bigger loss as to know how to support the young person.

The good news is that there are lots of skills training that can be provided that is effective for many children & young people.

Counselling is not the panacea to all situations, let’s skills train children & young people to equip them to cope effectively with life events, to help them understand and manage stress.


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