We offer either one-off training sessions or packages.


Our training assists pupils to manage their concerns around their exams.  We offer effective and practical techniques.  Typically we work with pupils experiencing:


"Fear that I'll fail my exams."


"Fear of not doing as well as I hoped."


"Worried that if I fail I won't be able to do the courses that I want in the college that I want to go to."


"I get nervous when I think of the exams and when I see exam papers I panic."


"Fear I will let people down." (teachers / parents)


"I know that if I sit in the hall whilst taking the exam my mind will go blank."


"I just can't seem to revise, I procrastinate!"


(Year 11 clients)




Our Exam Stress Solutions Guide launched in 2016!


2018 copies are available...


Know any young people counting down to exams this year?  You might want to share our exam guide with them.  It's not revision, more stress management.



Alternatively, contact us if your school would like to promote the guide with your pupils.  


The associated Facebook page and the website aimed at providing further support to pupils was launched 1st April 2016.



CPD at Your School


High quality, evidence based, practical CPD at your School


If you would like us to come to your school, we can deliver the sessions as part of your inset training or as a twilight session. Please do get in touch to discuss how we can best tailor our sessions to best fit your needs.


  • Growth Mindset

  • The Science of Learning

  • Understanding The Teenage Brain

  • Advanced Growth Mindset

  • Performance Under Pressure

  • Preparing for Exams

  • Stress Management During Exam Season

  • Memory and Learning

  • 30 Studies Teachers Need to Know