Volunteering is a great way to assist us, support young people and help the community.  It’s also a great experience for you.  It can enhance your social life, help you develop your skills and knowledge and add oooomfmpf to your CV.


We provide a clearly defined role within the organisation. You’ll have a dedicated volunteer coordinator to provide you with induction, training and ongoing support so that you are given feedback and provided opportunities to develop your skills.  


We also ensure you have a voice within the organisation, knowing your contribution adds to our success.




We welcome students from all levels of education. 


If you are an undergraduate university student we are able to provide work placements and supervison for any number of hours you require.  We are particularly interested in supporting research you may wish to undertake, and have projects we would welcome evaluation of.  


If you are a college or school pupil we can support you in your work experience placements.




Have a great idea, but not sure where to take it? We understand that getting ideas into action can be difficult.


There are many skills needed to develop and realise an idea, no matter how good it may be.  Experience tells us that many hands make light work, and that sharing success with others brings its own rewards.


The mainstay of our work is partnering with others to generate action and implement positive change.  


If you are someone with a great idea for a project or event that you think will benefit others, and you would like some support to get it started, please get in touch.  


It would be our joy to be first in supporting you in realising your ambition.