Welcome to Enterprising Youth...


Our aim is to improve outcomes for young people in 3 key areas:


  • Education

  • Mental health and wellbeing

  • Physical health and wellbeing


The focus of our work has two key strands:


1.   Enabling young people to better participate and engage with education through the development of new skills and abilities


2.   Working with organisations involved in educating young people, to develop their scope in responding to the needs of their clients 


We achieve this through listening, assessing the needs of the client, promoting new and innovative approaches and sharing good practice.


We deliver a range of programmes and facilitate specialised training courses and events for young people, parents and the professionals supporting them, across Greater Manchester and Lancashire, and further afield.


We work in partnership with service commissioners to develop solutions to address their specific local needs and bring on board allied professionals to support us with design and delivery as required.


We actively promote communication skills development, social inclusion, cohesion, diversity, community regeneration and participation, through our vibrant, high-quality projects and training.


At Enterprising Youth we have over 45 years of direct experience in designing, developing and delivering creative solutions to the most challenging situations. We are glad to assist you in addressing difficult or sensitive issues.







Exam Stress Solutions 

In addition to offering pupil workshops to help students manage exam anxiety and improve their performance, we now are developing online resources.  Get in touch if you would like to know more...or check out our dedicated website www.examstresssolutions.com or our Facebook Page.  We now offer focused sessions managing exam fears, worries, concerns and anxieties.


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Emotional Health & Wellbeing Workshops

We are currently working in schools across North Manchester providing Emotional Health & Wellbeing education and training to pupils and staff.


We offer focused sessions on a number of areas including managing anxiety.


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People profit...

As a not for profit social enterprise. Our legal status is a Community Interest Company (C.I.C). Unlike normal businesses any excess we may make is reinvested back into supporting young people and their communities.


We work with individuals, groups, communities and partners, building relationships to ensure our thinking and our energy engages and empowers young people to develop their ideas and dreams and realise their ambitions.

We are Enterprising Youth and we are committed to action positive social change.