Enterprising Youth is a not for profit social enterprise committed to creating positive social change in the lives of young people.



We work with individuals, groups, schools, community organisations and partners who are focused on taking positive action to engage and empower young people. Our work has a wide scope, we work with many diverse groups and ethnicities and in many different settings.


The programmes and activities that we design, deliver and collaborate on share a common aim of supporting young people to develop their ideas, follow their dreams and realise their ambitions.


Our partner organisations focus on the needs of families and communities. We develop programmes to meet the needs of their specific client groups. In many cases those clients will be the young people themselves, however we also deliver programmes to support parents and professionals working with them.


Across all of our work we achieve our goals through channeling our positive energy into building relationships, trust and rapport with our clients. We focus on assessing, understanding and being responsive to the needs of individuals and the dynamics of the group. We use our skills and experience to help guide us towards using the most appropriate strategies and tools to support emotional health and wellbeing, break the cycle of behavior and support change to happen.


Some examples of the programmes that we offer include:

  • Emotional Management Sessions for Children and Young People

  • Stress & Emotional Management Training for Teachers, Professionals and Parents

  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing Workshops for Pupils and Staff

  • Exam Stress Workshops for Students

  • Safeguarding Training

  • Leadership Training

  • First Aid Training


You can find out more about these specific programmes on our projects page.


We also take commissions for projects addressing other particular areas of need.


We are a Community Interest Company (C.I.C) and any excess profit we make is reinvested back into supporting young people and their local communities.